About Me

“I never trust words; I often question actions; I never doubt patterns.”

I’m a member of the Global Majority who happens to be born, raised, and lost in this wilderness called America.
To help you understand some of my opinions in my posts, my credentials include the following: I earned an undergraduate, a graduate, and a post graduate degree; I’m a business owner and entrepreneur and currently sit on the board of directors of one non-profit and one for profit organization; I was a paid educator in an urban school system, but I will always be a life-long educator free of charge; I have served in one publicly elected position (so far) as Chair; and I retired after serving over 20 years on active duty in the U.S. military as a senior military leader. I’m not as “seasoned” as my bio suggests. I’m a proud #ACRE_ADOS (After Civil Rights Era American Descendant of Slaves). Mainstream groups me as a Generation X’er!

If you want to lynch me, that is your problem. If you have the power to lynch me, that is my problem. — Stokely Carmichael